pristine landscaping using natural materials from the area in North Seattle, WA

Naturalist Landscaping Services for Seattle, WA

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Improve Your Relationship with Your Land

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Ethical Landscaping Services for Seattle, WA

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Restoration, Renovation, Fine Pruning, Erosion Control

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Founded by the Carkeek Salmon Steward & Master Pruner Matthew Kuhar

pristine landscaping using natural materials from the area in North Seattle, WA

Native Garden Design & Art

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Trail Building & Restoration

Landscaping with Nature

Land Ethics, LLC. is a landscaping company?in Seattle, Washington, aimed at working with nature and the natural features of your property. Our motto is “landscaping with nature” and we mean it, our company was founded by Matthew Kuhar, a?Certified Master Pruner, naturalist, artist and professional landscaper who practices land ethics to?landscape with nature in mind, and to maintain health of natural ecosystems by restoring and creating complex environments.

The use of hand tools reduces noise pollution?and exhaust fumes alike, and we only?use?organic products for safe stream runoff for both aquatic and human health.

About Land Ethics’ Founder.

trail-buildingMatthew Kuhar is Salmon Steward for the Carkeek Watershed Community Action Project and a Master Pruner graduate of Plant Amnesty’s Master Pruner Program. He’s also Avalanche 2 certified via the American Alpine Institute.

In his off time, he loves to get deep into the mountains and lush valleys in search of old-growth forest and study the beautiful diverse flora and fauna the Pacific Northwest has to offer. It’s in these most natural landscapes that he finds the inspiration for the designs he implements.

Matthew’s main goal when arriving on your property is to improve the owner’s relationship with the land and natural community, and to increase the biodiversity and biomass by planting native species and creating space for wild life habitats, including preparing your yard for certification for a Backyard Wildlife Sanctuary Program.